04 January 2007

Palm Beach, Florida

January 4, 2007

Greetings from Palm Beach, Florida! We’ve made it to our jumping-off point for the Bahamas after a full day of motoring from Fort Pierce. Since we have a shallow draft, we were able to anchor in a spot which doesn’t seem to be used by other people, but is perfect for us. There are a couple sandy beach areas to dock the dinghy, and it is only a couple blocks from the Post Office and the downtown Palm Beach area. Today’s trip was rather rough as we were motoring directly into 10+ knot winds with an opposing current, creating rough seas. Our trusty Beta engine, Boris, kept on chugging and we arrived in Palm Beach shortly after 5PM. Snow Day will be a couple days behind us as they weren’t entirely ready to leave Vero Beach yesterday, but we’ll all meet up again in Palm Beach in a couple days. Our trip today took us through highly developed portions of the waterway with massive houses and equally impressive yards and boats docked alongside. The boat traffic picked up and we had to contend with the wakes of many passing and overtaking powerboats and “mega-yachts.” We also passed under at least five opening bridges which was tricky at times with the strong currents and heavy boat traffic. We’ll make a run to the PO tomorrow and start our preparations for the Bahamas!

Here is a selection of monstrous homes (and a yacht) along the Florida ICW

The lighthouse at Jupiter Inlet

Kristen on our new ratlines

KitKat hard at work

Kristen hard at work (at making the new ratlines)

Sunset in Palm Beach, FL

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Anonymous said...

Hej Hans och Kristen!
Stackars Kitkat-så hungrig och så utlämnad till två grymma seglare. Nu åker vi till London-vi skickar telefonen idag och hoppas att den kommer fram i tid.
Kram från Ma och Pa