09 June 2007

Big Sand Cay to Luperon, Dominican Republic

June 9-10, 2007

We had hoped to stay a full day at Big Sand Cay and set out for Luperon on Sunday, June 10th, however the weather forecast looked much more favourable for a Saturday departure. We went ashore for an hour to hike around, then we made the necessary preparations for the 80 mile overnight trip to Luperon.

Anchors aweigh at 11:00AM! The sail to Luperon was excellent. The first 12 hours of the trip, we averaged at least 5 knots, until we purposely slowed down to time our arrival at Luperon with the sunrise. The seas were small and as soon as the sun set, millions of stars came out. We took turns sleeping and keeping watch and the entire trip was wonderfully uneventful. Around 6PM we saw a larger freighter which passed in front of us. We hailed them on the VHF and they told us they were bound for Costa Rica.

The large freighter that passed in front of us.

Sunset at sea.

Around 4:30 AM, we were 10 miles away from Luperon and the sky started brightening. As we got closer, and as the sun got higher, we were able to make out lush green hills and large mountains behind the hills. We’d arrived in the Dominican Republic! We slowly motored into the harbour and dropped the hook near the customs dock. We immediately fell asleep for 4 hours.

Land ho! Approaching the Dominican Republic at dawn.