05 October 2008

Back in the Caribbean

Spain: Check.
France: Check.
Andorra: Check.
Italy: Check.
England: Check.

Time to get back to the Caribbean!

We're back in the heat and humidity of Trinidad after a three week driving and camping tour of southern Europe. We left Sweden on September 10 and spent the next 10 days driving around northern Spain (home of the Rioja wine region) and a detour to southern France to visit our friends Chris and Julie who we met in the Virgin Islands. Next stop was the Tuscany region of Italy (home of the wine province of Chianti and some truly excellent pizza). In Italy we met up with our friends Dave and April, who we got to know in the Bahamas in 2007. After Italy we flew to England and spent some time with Kristen's family (her mother is English, you know). Since we spend almost all our time on the water, we mostly traveled in the mountains. It was bloody cold at night (no sleeping bags) but the scenery was amazing. Anyway, it was too cold at the beach to go swimming!
Somewhere in Italy the cord that connects our camera to our computer went missing, so the pictures below only get to the first bit of Italy. Stay tuned for more pictures. We skipped adding captions so you'll have to use your imagination. Try to figure out why Kristen is sleeping on an air mattress outside the Pisa International airport.