23 April 2008

Swedish St. Martin

April 23, 2008

So the general knowledge is that St. Martin/St. Maarten is a friendly island in the northeast Caribbean that is French on the north side and Dutch on the south side. Watch out. It is about to find itself in the throes of a Swedish invasion. Every time you turn around on this small island, you can hear someone speaking Swedish (or, "the hurly gurly" as a more fun way to refer to that northern language). It’s gotten so pervasive, that Kristen has started taking intensive Swedish lessons, convinced in her paranoia that all the laughter among the Swedes is directed at her. Not only do we have to deal with Patrick Patrick David Sophie and Hans, but there are new Swedish boats in the lagoon every day. Watch out St. Barth’s they’re scheming up a new invasion to restore the island back to its Scandinavian glory.

Once you’re able to smile and embrace the Swedish, life moves on nicely here. Our transmission is back on Whisper and attached to the engine; the dinghy is getting a new and improved patch on its hole in the air floor; the tiller is being varnished; bags are being sewn for tools; Kristen is writing more articles; etc. etc. We should be on our way south in the next few days or so. If we can tear ourselves away from the hurly gurly.

Kristen, Wendy and the Swedes packed into the back of Lindsey and Margie's van on the way to the races. Port de Plaisance Marina hosted car and 4-wheeler races this past sunday. We showed up for the entertainment and weren't disappointed. The highlight of the afternoon was the smoke shows!

David, Lindsey and Patrick making serious decisions about beer.

A neat yellow mini on display.

Watching the races.

Martin playing on the beach at sunset.