03 February 2007

big underwater bugs

February 3, 2007

Two major developments have occurred over the past few days: one, Voila!, our sistership, dropped anchor a few boats south of us in the harbor; and, two, Hans successfully speared his first lobster!

Voila! arrives in Green Turtle Cay

Felicity on Voila! tops of her homemade cheescake with some blackberries. YUM!!!

A fellow cruiser, Robbie, has been taking us snorkeling and lobstering over the past couple days. He spent the last 4 years diving in this area, so he knows the best lobstering spots and has a very fast a comfortable dinghy to take us to them. He also took us “sightseeing” to some large coral heads where we saw fish of seemingly every color, size and shape imagineable. It was like being in a large aquarium or an underwater garden. Today we saw turtles, parrotfish, a manta ray, angel fish, puffers, grouper, many different types of coral and sea grass, lobster (for dinner!), and Kristen even saw a nurse shark sleeping on the bottom. Matthew, on Snow Day, will tell you that nurse sharks are harmless and have no interest in humans, but that didn’t stop Kristen from swimming away as fast as she could. After a cold day of snorkeling yesterday, we stopped off at the local dive shop and bought some second-hand wetsuits. Hans bought a full-body style and Kristen has a long-sleeve top. Both were much appreciated today and nobody felt cold.

Kristen shows off some of the catch. The limit is six lobsters per boat per day, so far, we've gotten our share each time we've been out (with the help of Robbie, who knows where to go and what to do).

We’re currently cooking up some lobster broth in the pressure cooker from the shells and then we’re dinghying over to the next boat for a birthday celebration. We’ll bring the lobster!