22 December 2006

Titusville, Florida, Part III

December 22, 2006

We’re writing this from our new favorite spot in Titusville, the Sunshine Bakery. They have a massive assortment of fresh, homemade breads and other baked goods, including great cinnamon rolls and scones. We’ve come here every day around 10 or 11 am to fill up!

Yesterday was the winter solstice, and even though that won’t affect us very much this far south, we ventured across the water to an undeveloped island and had a bonfire with the crew of Snow Day: Mandy, Rob, Abigail, Matthew, Shadow and Maggie. We can all rest easily that we know we will pass the test on Survivor since we were able to build a large fire with random twigs, wood and palm leaves we found on the island.

We’ve been quite busy the last couple days working on projects on Whisper (diagnosing and hopefully fixing the manual bilge pump, putting up netting on the lifelines for Kit Kat, permanently installing the jacklines, 4 new cleats, etc.). Today is the start of our Christmas vacation! No more projects for the next couple days, just a lot of cooking and eating! This afternoon we’re going to the mall (yippee!!) to find Christmas presents and to see the new James Bond movie.

We biked 3 miles to the hardware store, but I think we forgot we were on bikes while we were shopping. It was quite a task to bike the 3 miles back with heavy bags and a sheet of plywood!

Kristen spent Wednesday afternoon baking pepparkakor and Thursday afternoon baking more lussebullar. The pepparkakor were a real hit with Abbie & Matthew!

The gang from Snow Day came over for a potluck dinner (L-R: Hans, Mandy, Abbie, Matthew (sorry Kristen & Rob!)).

Go away winter, come back summer light!