16 October 2008

Kit Kat and Whisper in Grenada

We've arrived in Grenada after a hectic couple of weeks getting Whisper put back together in Trinidad. We were really glad to leave the dusty and unbearably hot boatyard and actually quite glad to leave Trinidad itself. The water was dirty and full of trash and oil and there was quite a lot of crime on the island (a Swedish couple who were on vacation got chopped to death in their condo by teenage robbers last week).

Kit Kat, however, had a great time in the boatyard. She had been staying with our friends Tom and Maureen on their boat Tillywhim (which was on the hard right next to Whisper all summer). She had been very well-behaved all summer long and never went off their boat. Well, as soon as Kit Kat got back on Whisper she decided that she wanted to explore the boatyard, and we'd find her prowling around eating grass and getting dusty.
On another note, some of you may have heard that KitKat has been really sick. The short of it is that she has cancer. We finally were able to take her to the vet here in Grenada today, and they believe that she has a good chance of recovering, but they have to do some pretty major surgery. So poor Kit Kat is in for another shaved tummy it seems.
Kit Kat will go under the knife sometime early next week so we'll kick around here in Grenada until the end of next week. Then we'll probably start heading north.

Meanwhile, hurricane Omar has been wrecking havoc north of here. We're hoping that our friends in St. Martin and the Virgin Islands are all OK. The Hurricane Center shows that Omar went straight up the Anegada passage, and passed somewhere in between St. Martin and Virgin Gorda. Hopefully this means that they didn't get hit too hard.