14 February 2009

Sofia & Patrik on the loose!

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We just said goodbye this morning to Hans' sister Sofia and her fiancee, Patrik. They spent two weeks with us in the BVIs and we sailed all over: Norman Island to Jost van Dyke, to Marina Cay, to Virgin Gorda, to Anegada, back to Virgin Gorda, the Baths, to Peter Island, and finally back to Tortola. Phew! The sailing was fun and easy and we all had a lot of fun together. A little bit too much fun at the Willy T's (as can be expected...) Why don't we ever learn?

On Tuesday, Hans' friend Tim and his fiancee Heidi arrive to sail Whisper to the Turks & Caicos, about 450 miles northwest. Yes, in spite of the crystal clear water, white sand beaches, palmtrees, $6 rum, (free) lobster, (free) tuna, reggeton, bachata and ISLAND TIME, that comes with life in the Caribbean we are still sailing north... Med school and law school are calling... really? are you sure? Yes. Well, really? Are you sure? Hmm... I think so.

Sofia and Patrik arrive in Road Town, Tortola, BVI.

Sofia and Patrik at Michael Beene's pirate show. arrrggggh!

Kristen has a go at the conch horn blowing contest...third place.

Sofia gets a birthday shot. Happy Birthday!

The view from Peter Island.

Hanging out in the cockpit.

Sandy Spit, a little island east of Jost van Dyke.

jib sailing downwind.

Kristen and Hans relaxing in the hammock at the best bar in the world: the Soggy Dollar on Jost van Dyke

In case you didn't know by now (no comments Mik!) good food is always the case on Whisper.

A squally day in Anegada.

Sofia enjoys a painkiller while Kit Kat keeps watch.

Patrik makes the best drink there is: rum tonic (thanks Jim!) two fingers white rum, juice of half a lime, tonic water, ice (or not if you're on Whisper).

singing in the cockpit after we closed down the willy T's.

The Ericsson's at their best the morning after the Willy T's.

Lobster! a 10 pounder!

Our future boat.