04 January 2008

3 hot blondes (and Hans) on Whisper

January 4, 2008.

Happy New Year!

We spent the last week having a blast with Suzanne and Liberty who came to visit for New Years. Here are some photos of the adventures:

Suz and Libby arrived in Culebra on Friday, Dec. 28, in the afternoon... Suzanne got to sit in the co-pilot seat for the flight.

Suz and Libby settle in on Whisper.

Hans and Suz ham it up for the camera on the bridge in Culebra. Smiles originating from the two bottles of rum they just bought.

Kristen the pizza delivery girl... what can we say?

Ringing in the New Year in style in Culebra! What happens in Culebra stays in Culebra...

Our friend Dave, flanked by two adoring hotties... ay! Que caliente!

Hans tells one of his appropriate and unoffensive jokes, as usual... to Suzanne's delight.

Hanging out on Playa Zoni... While Kristen and Libby went swimming, Hans and Suz played hunter gatherers and found some coconuts.

We rented scooters for a day to explore the island. Beep-beep!

After one too many pina coladas, Libby lost her marbles and started chasing a chicken with the machete. Run chicken, run!

Sailor babe Libby Jones keeps an eye on the horizon looking for some salty dogs to keep her warm at night...

"Aaaahhhhhh!!!!! Could someone please, please, put a stop to all this giggling!"

"OK... I take it back, the giggling is worth it"

"hubba, hubba, hubba"

Suzanne keeps a lookout during a nice sunset sail.

Suz, Hans and Libby found some tasty dinner, everyone was happy...

... except Libby when the lobster started wiggling in her hands!