06 July 2007

Hanging out in Luperon

July 6, 2007

Luperon Harbor

We’ve been spending the last few days hanging out with friends in Luperon. Tom and Alex just sold their boat “Blind Faith” so the other night we had a farewell party for the boat. The mood was bittersweet as Tom and Alex were glad to have sold their boat, but sad at the same time.

One last night on Blind Faith.

The bottle-opener had already been moved to the apartment, so Tom had to improvise and use the pliers!

We cheered up last night as we spent the evening enjoying the views from the balcony of their new apartment in downtown Luperon. It was a fun change to spend time socializing in an apartment instead of on a boat!

Relaxing on the balcony with Tom and Alex.

Horses grazing on a nearby field.