09 April 2009

Florida to North Carolina

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Southport, North Carolina.

We've been steadily motoring north up the ICW. Our sails remain furled but Boris, our diesel engine, is doing an admirable job. It's cold. There are cold fronts nearly every three days with strong winds, freeze warnings, thunderstorms, rain, and general discomfort. We're trying to make up for the bad weather with good food, as usual. Thinking about it, good food can be applied in every situation: celebrating good weather, bemoaning bad weather, waiting for weather. Go figure! One of the nicest things about the ICW is the large amounts of protected wetlands in Georgia and South Carolina. There are lots of developments, big big houses and bulkheads to prevent erosion, but there are also lots of undeveloped islands and marshes bordering the ICW. It's very pretty for us to look at, and also pretty nice for all the animals!

In other news, our friends the Tillmans on Someday Came have arrived in the Marquesas after a looooong passage from Panama. Check out their blog! Way to go Captain Morgan and crew!

checking crab pots


looks like a nice spot to have a picnic and go sunbathing, storm drain and all!

Hans is all smiles behind the wheel of Dave's Porsche. vroom vroom!

a couple boats behind us on the ICW next to Jekyll Island in Georgia

Nicely restored and maintained old houses in Beaufort, SC

Here comes the cold front! and yes, it was cold!

Two guys digging for oysters (clams, mussels?) just north of Charleston, SC

We've seen lots and lots of bird life along the ICW. Countless osprey everyday, but the highlight was these two bald eagles.