26 May 2007

Doughnuts and coffee

May 26, 2007

Above, Whisper's crew enjoys some home made doughnuts. A great success!

In the last posting, we said that we were weighing anchor and sailing to Long Island, en route to the Dominican Republic. Well, we’re still at anchor in George Town, waiting out some high winds and large seas. The weather forecast has remained the same for the past few days and looks the same going into next week – high winds, 20-25 knots out of the ENE combined with large seas, ranging from 6-10 feet. Definitely not the time to be venturing south. Kristen is currently reading “Into the Light” by Dave and Jaja Martin, two small-boat sailors who explore the world with their three kids on a 33-foot boat. Each chapter starts with a quote, two are particularly fitting to our current situation:

“Boredom and impatience can infect cruising sailors – tempting them to go to sea in foul conditions.”

Which, reminds us:

“Nothing compares to being in port – safe and sound – during a storm.”

So, for the time being, we’re sitting tight in George Town, passing time by hiking around Stocking Island, reading, watching movies, baking, dreaming of future destinations and practicing our heavy weather sailing. All the other boats are doing likewise, so we’ve been hanging out with friends and are all trying to fend off cabin fever together.

Above, waves crashing on Stocking Island in George Town.