19 October 2008

Jolly on Jacumba

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jacumba was the designated party barge on Friday. We all showed up at 10am, equipped with full coolers, snorkeling gear and sunblock and we headed north to an anchorage on the west coast of Grenada reputed to have underwater statues. Jacumba is a 37 foot catamaran and sailing on her was a lot different than sailing on Whisper: no heeling, we all stayed dry, drinks placed on a table didn't fall over and there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out. We arrived at the underwater statue site to find the water murky with about 1 foot visibility. Oh well. We'll blame it on Omar. We swam around, ate chips and dip and other goodies and danced in the cockpit.

It was fun day out! Check out Jacumba and Merengue's blogs for more pictures.

4 men...doing what they do best: sitting around, drinking beer, shooting the sh*t.

Hans and Jim, doing more of the same.

The Great White Hunter toils away for the family.

The lobster that got away! (it didn't get away, it was spared by the magnanimous white hunter.)

Relaxing on Jacumba for sundowners.