07 December 2008

Baltimore Bound!

Long sails on the open ocean lend themselves to introspection. Our days as carefree sailors are coming to an end and we're at a turning point. After a lot of thinking and discussions, we've both decided to go back to school. Kristen is finally ready to make the commitment to law school and a legal career beyond data entry and editing documents. Hans, after a lot of contemplation and nights spent trying to find the meaning of life, has decided to apply to medical school. Surprisingly, the best place we found to pursue our plans turns out to be Baltimore. When we left Maryland over two years ago, we didn't think we'd be coming back. Now it looks like we'll be doing a full circle and we are looking forward to Orioles games, the rueben sandwiches at the Federal Hill market, crab cakes, and sailing on the Chesapeake Bay again.

What does this mean in the short term? When we return to Whisper in the middle of January, we'll spend another month in the Virgin Islands and then start working our way north, through the Bahamas and to the Chesapeake. We hope to be in Baltimore around the beginning of May.

Chillin' in Culebra

December 7, 2008

Here are some photos, long past due, of the BVIs. We're now in Culebra, waiting for Hans' childhood friend Fredrik to come visit. He arrives on Tuesday. We have been hanging out a lot with Dave and April on Shannon Glynn, who we know from Hopetown in the Bahamas. We've also spent a lot of time with Chris and Julie on Felicia, commiserating with them about all the epuipment repairs that come with a 68 foot luxury catamaran. Our help was strictly verbal... and did not extend to helping unblock the holding tank! Good luck guys!

s/v Felicia was Kristen's home for five days. She helped out our friends Chris and Julie with a charter. The best thing about the whole thing? The FOOD! Hans meanwhile was stuck on Whisper eating Ramen Noodles...

One of the 20 or so dolphins that stayed with us in between St. Martin and the BVIs.

Starboard!!!! Not the last thing you want to see in life!

Kristen keeps a lookout while we try out our twin headsail downwind rig. We have the jib poled out to starboard as usual, and have the genny free flying and poled out with the boom. Worked well until the wind switched around to a beam reach

Sunset in the BVIs.