01 November 2006

Annapolis to Solomon's Island

November 1, 2006

6:50: washed the mud off the chain while motoring out of Back Creek
7:45: quite a few oyster boats were working in the dawn hours
8:15: past Thomas Pt. Lighthouse
8:30: oranges, toast & cheese & tea for breakfast, listened to NPR
10:08: deployed fishing gear (retrieved later without any sign of dinner)
14:51: Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Plant to Starboard (West these days), changed course for Solomon's Island; two F-18s flew overhead
17:00: dropped anchor in Mill Creek
17:01: jumped in dinghy to get crab cakes for dinner

At one point in the afternoon, we heard a very proper British accented gentlemen call for Sheltered Harbor Marina over the VHF. His call sign (and name of the boat) was "Itchy Feet." As we dinghied up to the restaurant, lo and behold, there was "Ichi Feet" docked at the marina (a 56' Oyster)! We stopped to chat--they are heading up to Baltimore and will be in Antigua for Christmas. Do you think they'll have us over for Christmas pudding?

Chesapeake watermen at dawn.

Hans' first (unsuccessful) attempt at an eye splice in a double-braided line. What went wrong?