06 December 2006

Charleston, South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia

December 5-6, 2006

Whisper's off on her first offshore adventure!

Tuesday morning was spent in a flurry of activity to get some last minute projects done before we left around 2PM for our first offshore trip. The weather was forecast to be sunny and calm with light winds. We weighed anchor at 2:10PM and were quickly motoring out of Charleston Harbor. The inlet was straightforward and the imposing stone jetties on either side of the inlet were fairly obvious.
The jetties which create the inlet to the harbor and keep the breaking waves safely away from boats.

Hans had put in all of our waypoints for the 80 mile trip, so it was simply a matter of keeping a good watch and a steady compass course towards the Tybee Roads Inlet. We saw a few container ships leaving the Harbor but besides that, we shared the sea only with the dolphins, pelicans and seagull. We took turns sleeping and kept a good log of our position & speed every hour. The highlights of the trip were the sunset & moonrise over the water.
Kristen and the sunset.


We arrived at the Savannah City Docks at 11AM and promptly fell asleep! Now we have our proper sea legs (or at least the start to them), we’ll probably go offshore again to get to Florida in order to skip what is reputed to be a poorly maintained section of the ICW.

A fishing boat at work on Wednesday morning outside of Savannah.