09 September 2008

Hej då Sverige!

September 9, 2008

Our plane leaves tomorrow morning at 6.30 to Barcelona, the start of our Spain, France, Italy and England tour. It's exciting but sad at the same time to say goodbye to family, friends and Sweden. The last couple days we've spent hanging out with friends in Stockholm, attending the baptism of Max and Ida and running last minute errands. Tonight Åsa, Henrik and Hans' grandmother are over for dinner, swedish meatballs!

the fruit and vegetable market in downtown Stockholm

We stopped at the best coffee shop in Stockholm, debatable in all of Sweden, Vette Katten, for some princess cake and coffee.

One final night hanging out with Peter and Johan - a couple games of pool

Peter is very serious about making his point heard...

and so are Hans and Kristen. surprise, they're both talking at the same time!

Ida is all smiles on Saturday

Max laughs at his uncle Hans

Max and Ida before baptism



Sofia with a tight hold on Max

A tired Ida after the ceremony