09 January 2008

Leaving Culebra

January 9, 2008

All rubber chickens will walk the plank or be hung on sight.

After dropping off Suzanne and Libby at the airport we, (Hans especially) have been in a state of depression… The only relief has come at the expense of the lives of many an innocent lobster. Fortunately, our friend Anne is coming to visit tomorrow so loneliness is passing.

Today we’re sailing from Culebra to St. Thomas where Anne is flying in. It looks like the trade-winds are taking the day off, so we might end up motoring in flat calm… a better alternative to motor-sailing into 25 knots.

We’re looking forward to the Virgin Islands, but it is going to be difficult to leave Culebra since it is such a great place to be on a boat. Especially since we now know where all the lobsters are hiding.

A beach at Culebrita, a small island east of Culebra owned by the National Park Service: pristine & spectacular.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Culebrita on Monday, we had some company! We went snorkeling on the other side of the island until they left, then we hiked up to the lighthouse.

Views from the light house at Culebrita.

We spotted a dinghy washed up on the beach and decided to hike over to salvage it, envisioning riches beyond compare...alas, it had seen better days.

Yesterday we went lobster hunting with Gil from Phoenix III, Yvon and Ben. Together we slayed and later consumed 12 lobsters together with the rest of the crews (8 people in all). Lobster bisque, green salad, barbequed lobster tails and flank steak… just another average dinner, really.

Gil steams the lobster heads for lobster bisque.

Kristen picks the lobster heads for the bisque.

Gervais serving up the soup.