03 September 2008

and the Nobel Prize goes to...

September 3, 2008

With only a week left in Sweden, we've kicked up our tourist activities to a high level. Yesterday we biked into Stockholm, walked around Gamla Stan, the old(est) part of town, ate hot dogs for lunch and had a tour of Stadshuset, the City Hall, where the annual Nobel Prize ceremony is held.

Norrbron, the oldest bridge in Stockholm and currently under repair, with Riksdagshuset, the Swedish Parliament building, in the background.

Waiting in line at the Korv Kiosk. Streetside hot dog vendors are highly developed in Sweden, offering at least 15 different combinations of the tasty lunch.

A side street in Gamla Stan.


The Blue Hall where the Nobel Prize dinner is held. Over 1000 guests are in attendance so everyone is given a scant 60 cm (2 ft.) of space at the dinner table, including the King and Queen.