01 February 2008


Attention: this blog will soon look a little different. In lieu of getting real jobs, we're putting our hopes in ad sense, a google automatic advertising tool which will place ads on our blog. We receive money based on how many clicks each ad gets. So, this blog may look a little cluttered, and we may be tipping our hats to the great American corporations, but, we need a new camera.

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Projects and Problems...

February 1, 2008.

Benner Bay, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

You’ll have to take our word for it…we have new windows installed on Whisper. What? You want photographic evidence? So do we. The new camera we bought two weeks ago to replace the one that fell overboard suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason. Of course the store we bought it from accepts no returns, exchanges, refunds, etc. etc. We discovered this after looking at the receipt where their “no return policy” is printed in bold, capital letters just above where Kristen signed her name. (Yes, she did work at law firms for over three years. Really, don’t they at least teach you to read the fine print?)

At any rate, we’ll try to get a new digital camera by fair means or foul so we can continue posting pictures on the blog. But for now, just believe us that in the past few days we have installed new Lexan windows, repaired a potential leak in the propane system, replaced a leaking seal on the engine’s water pump, exchanged our dinghy for Ding Ding IV, and finally, finally have sealed the cockpit sole making it watertight. (Cross your fingers on the last one.) So all in all the past few days have been very productive. After all that hard work, we’re ready for a vacation! Time to get back to the cruising life!

Our friends Jerry & Laurie from Newburyport, MA will be in St. Thomas tomorrow on their cruise ship vacation, so we’ll meet up with them. On Sunday we’ll sail to a Boston bar at Coral Bay on St. John, watch the Pats take yet another Superbowl title, and then it’s on to explore the British Virgin Islands.