02 June 2008

The fabled Grenadines

June 2, 2008

After one month of anchoring off volcanic, black sand beaches, Whisper is once again anchored in shallow, clear blue water off a white sand beach with palm trees. We celebrated yesterday by spending the afternoon on the beach with Someday Came and Uliad, lounging in hammocks, collecting sea glass, swimming, snorkeling and ending the day with soccer and dodgeball.

We have about two weeks to spend in the Grenadines, island-hopping and anchoring off coral reefs before we sail to Trinidad where we leave Whisper for 3 months. We fly to Sweden on June 23. Our plan for the fall involves sailing back to St. Martin and finding work there for a year (or more?), however there was some serious peer-pressure last night from Someday Came over pizza to join them in their quest for a circumnavigation. Sounds tempting…anyone want to crew for the Pacific crossing?

We spent our last night in St. Lucia anchored between the Pitons, an anchorage we'd been looking forward to since we first came up with the idea to go cruising in the Caribbean. The scenery is spectacular. Hopefully the pictures can convey some of the scale of the mountains.

Hans checking out the Pitons as we sail into the anchorage.

Someday Came anchored close by.

Kit kat contemplates: if there is food on top of the Piton...how long would it take me to get to the top? And would the climb up be worthwhile?