14 February 2007

Marsh Harbour

February 14, 2007

Whisper at sunset in Marsh Harbour.

Happy Valentines Day!

We’re spending some time enjoying the “big city” life of Marsh Harbour, also known as the “Hub of the Abacos.” The town really does seem to have everything one needs, ranging from a guy on the docks selling conch salad to a KFC, Subway and TrueValue hardware store. The crew of Whisper is currently in negotiations to decide if we want to install a sub-woofer to enhance our stereo-surround sound. Kristen and Hans are both in favor of the idea, but KitKat thinks that it is hard to justify the expense when so much food could be bought for the same price.

We met up with three guys from Indiana who are on a “man-cation,” aka a bachelor party, for Chris who is getting married in April. They were all very enthusiastic about our sailing plans so yesterday we took them for a brisk afternoon sail. They took turns steering and testing just how far over Whisper can heel (a comfortable 20 degrees) and how fast she can sail (we averaged 5.5 to 6.5 knots yesterday). After an invigorating time on the water, they treated us to a delicious dinner at CurlyTails Restaurant, by far the best restaurant food we’ve had in the Bahamas. Dinner led to drinks and the crew of Whisper is feeling rather groggy this morning. It’s an overcast day so our snorkeling plans are on weather-hold until tomorrow, so today we’ll think about reconfiguring our clothes storage which is a constant battle.

The new crew from Indiana.

safety first!

KitKat doing what she does best...this is where she sleeps when we're sailing.