07 March 2008

Saba to Antigua via...

March 7, 2008

We've been sailing! We left Saba on Monday morning and sailed to Statia, Tuesday sailed to Nevis, Wednesday sailed to Montserrat, Thursday sailed to Antigua. Phew! We arrived at Jolly Harbour Marina wet and tired, but glad to be here. Yes, we're at a marina. Luxury! Our first marina stop in a long time and it is great! Our friends Ellie & Chris arrive from the frozen north tomorrow evening and we'll start exploring Antigua with them.

Sailing to Statia (St. Eustatius) from Saba.

Nearing Statia.

The waterfront has a few hotels and restaurants and a lot of ruins from old merchant buildings. Statia used to be the hub of Caribbean trading. Now it seems to be the hub of oil! Lots of tankers and tugs in the harbour.

Images from the historical part of town in Statia.

At the top of the slave road in Statia that leads from the harbor to the main town. This is the road they used to bring slaves on when they arrived from Africa.

Sailing along the western coast of St. Kitts.

It was a squally day...we wore our foulies ALL day. Hey, isn't this supposed to be the Caribbean?!

Nearing Nevis.

A typical scene of how Kit Kat spends her time while we're underway: we lay out a blanket for her so she has something to sleep on; her food and water bowls; our bag of snacks to eat underway; and the trash bag is full of wet clothes!

When we neared Nevis, we hooked a King Fish (or a King Mackarel). We gave about 75% of the fish to fellow cruisers and still managed to get two dinners!

Sunset at Nevis. After Nevis we sailed southeast to Montserrat where we spent one night just to sleep. In Montserrat we had a our second fish meal: fish fingers. Yum! We plan on going back to Montserrat to check out the impact of the volcano on the south side of the island.

Yipee! Land ho Antigua!

We did it, we checked into a marina. SHOWERS!

Laundry was way way too expensive, so we washed all our clothes, sheets, quilts and towels by hand: first we soaked them in soapy water in trash bags on the dock, then while Hans worked on plugging up leaks on Whisper, Kristen rinsed and hung up all the laundry. it took 3 hours!

It's a bazaar on Whisper...not really, just laundry. There is no self-service laundromat here, and it costs about $25 to wash and dry a large load, we think we had about 4 loads so we opted to do it by hand. Needless to say, we generated a lot of laughs today.

We'll publish more pictures tomorrow... now it's time for dinner!