01 December 2006

Georgetown, SC Part II

December 1, 2006

We’re at anchor in Georgetown, SC, a town of about 10,000 with a large steel mill and a large paper plant. We’re waiting for some boat supplies to come via UPS so we’ll probably push off tomorrow morning. It’s really windy today anyway (about 20 knots on the water), so it’s just as well that we’re staying put for the day. It was nice to sleep in this morning (until 7:30) and have some pancakes for breakfast. Our friendly neighbors from Quebec dragged anchor this morning, so we put out a second anchor just to be sure. The cold front should pass through in a couple hours and the wind is forecasted to subside later this afternoon. We did laundry yesterday afternoon and I took a very cold shower this morning on deck so I’m feeling clean which is a nice change! We’re anchored right next to the Independent Seafood Fish Dock. Last night we had shrimp, pimiento cheese & crackers for appetizers, followed by fried flounder, mashed potatoes and carrots for dinner. Hans talked with the captain of one of the shrimp boats to see if he could go shrimping with them today, but unfortunately they’re not going out today because of the weather and the next time they go out (probably Monday) they’ll be gone for 3-4 days. We rowed over a shared some wine with the Quebecois. They are on their way to Mexico, Belize & Guatemala. Since they’re Canadian, they’re stopping over at Cuba on the way down. I’ll go ashore later today and take some pictures of Georgetown for the next post.

Sunrise at our anchorage at Thoroughfare Creek, South Carolina (near Bucksport, SC)

Kristen pulling up anchor at Thoroughfare Creek. Kristen's been doing the majority of anchor dropping and weighing since Hans is having some aches in his left shoulder.