03 November 2008

back to the blue

We're back in the Grenadines, one of our favorite spots. We spent a couple days at Salt Whistle Bay, the greatest anchorage in the Caribbean and one of Kristen's "favorite places in the whole world;" then it was over to the Tobago Cays for some fantastic snorkeling, swimming with turtles and relaxing on the beach. Today we sailed up to Bequia where we'll hang out for a couple days, stock up on fresh fruit and veggies and watch the election results come in tomorrow night. Despite rumors to the contrary (see Kit Kat's blog entry), Kit Kat is doing just fine. Her stitches are due to come out this afternoon, the cut looks healed, she's acting normal and happy. So, don't believe her feline complaints.

We're on the move to the British Virgin Islands. Kristen is helping friends with a charter over Thanksgiving so we're island-hopping our way north and plan on being in Tortola around November 20 or so.

We built this white sand snowman in honor of our friends on "Snowday" who are probably already shoveling their sidewalk and shivering in horror of the winter which is knocking at the door.

Meanwhile, back in paradise,... Hans takes it easy in the hammock at the Tobago Cays.

The view from the foredeck of Whisper at Salt Whistle Bay. Not a bad spot at all!