28 April 2007

Regatta Time, George Town

April 28, 2007

We had a great time yesterday watching the regatta. George Town has turned into a carnival with food stalls, loud, loud music, dancing, beer flowing like water, gin and coconut water (dangerous!), powerboats, dinghies, and fishing boats following the races, betting and kids running wild.

Brad, from Hope Town, showed up and we had fun drinking some cold beers, gin & coconut water and sampling the food. The conch salad, made by a guy from Long Island, was excellent. Conch fritters, 5 for $1 were unbeatable! The championship races will be held this afternoon along with a performance by the Royal Bahamian Police Marching Band, a live concert, and, of course, more gin & coconut water!

Hans and Brad ordering some grilled food for dinner.

Brad, Sybil and Kristen sampling the gin & coconut water.

the party strip.

Tomorrow we’re leaving George Town for a couple weeks and heading either to Long Island or the Jumentos and the Raggeds. We’ll be out of email contact until we return to George Town to pick up Matt Doyle who is arriving on May 15. No more blog entries for a couple weeks either.