18 November 2008

Saintly Sailors: The Saints to St. Martin

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We arrived in St. Martin this morning after a week of island-hopping from the Saints. Stops included: Guadeloupe, Antigua, Barbuda and Ile de Fouruche just north of St. Barts. The weather has been pretty squally punctuated with high winds at times and then no wind at others, but it's mostly all from the right direction so we've been enjoying comfortable downwind sailing. We're happy to be in St. Martin though since our food supplies were dwindling and we were eating a lot of rice, beans, bread and butter!

We motored through the river dividing the island of Guadeloupe. The bridge openings were at 5am and 5:20 so we caught a spectacular sunrise.

Motoring up the river in the early morning light.

Squalls followed us all day on the sail from Guadeloupe to Antigua. This one packed a lot of punch; winds were probably around 30 knots gusting to more. We went fast!

Kristen hangs on to the forestay to keep from being blown off the boat as a squall approaches the anchorage at Green Island in Antigua.

A main street in Codrington in Barbuda. The town was really relaxed with people hanging out eating barbeque and playing marbles, young and old alike.

The 11 mile long beach in Barbuda was spectacular. The sand really was pink at the water's edge and the whole beach was completely undeveloped save for a luxury boutique hotel. Rooms start at $550 a night and go up to $3000. But they were very nice indeed.

Strike again! We hooked another mahi mahi on our way to St. Barths. This is a picture of it in the water so you can see how vivid the colors are before death. Ha!

Sunset approaching Ile de Fouruche north of St. Barths.