01 November 2008

Fish Fry

Every Friday night, the town of Gouyave in the north of Grenada hosts a fish fry. They close down two of the streets to traffic and vendors set up stalls with fish cooked in different ways, mainly deep fried. We went with Jim and Wendy and sampled the tuna kebabs, coconut bread, fry bakes (yummy fried bread), fish in garlic sauce, and twice baked potatoes. The potatoes alone were worth the hour trip along the windy and bumpy west coast road.

A local drumming band. They'll put all hippy drum circles to shame. Has anyone ever heard Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" to bongo drums? It was actually really good!

Grilled lobster. I'm not paying for that!

"Excuse me, what exactly is rum? There are different varieties? Well, I'll just have to try some of your FREE samples." Jim plays dumb for the Clark's Court rum booth.

Hans and Jim dig into the baked potatoes.

St. George's waterfront at sunset.