25 April 2007

George Town, Exumas

April 25, 2007

After a great visit from Hans’ parents we all had a tearful goodbye on Monday afternoon. Karin and Roger are on their way back to Sweden, with some good memories and pretty decent tans for a couple of Swedes! On Whisper, we’re back to our island explorations, although it is a little lonely and quiet now.

Two pictures from the "Atlantic" side of Stocking Island. It's really the Exuma Sound, but looks like the ocean!

It’s regatta time in George Town, so we’re hanging out here for the events. It is the biggest thing that happens here every year with traditional wooden sailboats coming from all over the Bahamas to race in the Family Island Regatta. Lots of food, drink and racing to look forward to this week. Yesterday we watched the juniors race. It was blowing over 20 knots but they weren’t deterred and the racing was very close and exciting. One boat sank!

Two "D" class sailboats during the Juniors' Race. All of the boats are captained and crewed by kids under 18, although each is allowed two adults on board. Considering the winds, waves, and size of boats, these kids are really talented sailors.

A fishing seminar held near the "Chat-n-Chill" beach bar on Volleyball Beach.

Some cruisers playing volleyball. George Town has been described as a summer camp for adults in the Bahamas. There are lots of planned activities and they all take place on or near Volleyball Beach.