06 January 2007

Palm Beach, Florida

January 6, 2007

Is there such a thing as a perfect anchorage? Probably…probably somewhere in the south Pacific. But we’ve found a great anchorage here in Palm Beach. We’re the only boat here, it’s in a no-wake zone so it’s pretty calm, we row the dinghy about 3 minutes to land it on a small beach and tie off to a palm tree, and then it’s just a 5 minute walk to the grocery store, 7 to the Post Office and 10 to the beach! We’re only protected from South and East winds, so when the wind turns to the north on Tuesday, it will probably be a little rough.

Palm Beach is exactly how I (Kristen) imagined it to be: huge houses, fancy condos, luxury cars, clean streets, manicured lawns, etc. Yesterday we walked to the beach, picked up some mail at the PO and then returned to the boat to start on the list of projects. Hans installed speakers in the cabin (yippee!), Kristen replaced the leaky fresh and salt-water faucets with new, hopefully dry, faucets, Hans started working on new lines for the outhaul and Kristen started working on the new preventer system (both jobs required eye-splicing double-braid line which is a skill neither of us are close to mastering!). Our project list doesn’t seem *too* long, and we’re steadily working our way down the list. We’ll be looking out for Snow Day today in hopes they arrive in Palm Beach this afternoon.

Yet again, kitkat hard at work.

Kristen dancing to the music coming from the new speakers.

Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream! KC & Dan sent us an ice cream making ball--our first batch was raspberry. It was sooooo good! Then, for good measure, we made rum/pineapple juice slushies.