16 October 2007

huh? solid land?

October 16, 2007

Greetings from land-locked Vermont! We're in Kristen's home state visiting friends and family for a few weeks. It's a lot of fun to see everyone again and to live with the comforts of a land-based life, including a big-screen TV to watch the Red Sox in the playoffs. Go Red Sox!

Luperon Harbor. Can anyone pick out Whisper?

Green Cay in the Bahamas, halfway between the Exumas and Andros.

This guy was on the flight from Miami to Boston. Obviously he forgot to dress for the Massachusetts fall.

A rude awakening upon arrival in Boston: fog, rain and 45 degrees.

Luperon's finest are part of a special program with the Massachusetts State government.

Rod and Hans at Harlow's Farm south of Bellows Falls...how do you pick out the right pumpkin?

The beaver pond across the street from Kristen's parents' house.

Allaire cooking a great Vermont harvest dinner: butternut squash stuffed with sausage and apples, homemade french bread and roasted vegetables from the garden. Topped of with homemade apple pie for dessert. YUM!

The Vermont State House in Montpelier.

A view near Barre, Vermont.

Rock of the Ages granite quarry in Barre, Vermont.

06 October 2007

Not for sensitive eyes...

October 6, 2007

The thing about thongs that everyone should know is that the wearing of them in public, like spandex, is a privilege, not a right.

This morning that privilege was violated, disturbing our Saturday morning breakfast and causing appetites to be lost on Whisper. Even Kit Kat stopped yowling for food.

Just your average retired cruiser...

Who also happens to wear a thong.

In other news, we're steadily ticking off jobs on the list of projects to complete before we leave for the States on Thursday. Yesterday we both went to the dentist for cleanings and washed and waxed Whisper's hull. Today Hans will complete some engine maintenance and Kristen will work on varnishing the exterior woodwork. That is if we can recover from this morning's thong sighting.

no more treats for the fat cat!

The infamous to-do list.

01 October 2007

Three amigos in the DR

October 1, 2007

We spent the last week hanging out with Laura who came to visit us here. We rented an apartment on the hill overlooking town, “gringo hill,” with spectacular views, a pool and porch with rocking chairs. We spent a lot of time hanging out at the house: cooking, swimming, drinking beer in the rocking chairs and napping. It was rough. Once in a while we took a walk or moto ride to the beach to swim in salt water and relax under the trees.

Laura’s friend Olga and her sons came to visit from Jarabacoa and we had a great time snorkeling and taking the boys on fast dinghy rides.

How many people can fit in a dinghy?!

Warning in the harbor, Dinghy Drivers in Training.

The boys playing pool.

On Sunday afternoon we took a quick trip to Santo Domingo to spend some time with Jorge’s brother and sister. Alicia greeted us with a fabulous Dominican dinner: fried fish, rice, beans, salad, and avocadoes. We all sat around talking and joking until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore. The next morning Alicia made us another great meal of mangu (mashed plantains with onions) and fried cheese. YUM! Bienvenido came over and we went on a tour of Santo Domingo including a trip to the Colon lighthouse and the national aquarium.

Two smiling chicas on the Caribe Tours bus to Santo Domingo.

Bienvenido, Alicia and Laura.

Laura was having too much fun…she extended her plane ticket for a few days and we returned to the house on the hill for a few more days of views and relaxation.

Now we’re alone again in Luperon (boo-hoo) and we’re steadily working away on a list of projects to complete before we leave to the US in a week and a half. Yippee!

The luxury apartment.

On the gua-gua on the way to Luperon.

Have another beer Laura! This time with a little less head maybe...

on Hans' motoconcho on the way to the beach.

Cold beers at the beach...aaaahhhh