06 October 2007

Not for sensitive eyes...

October 6, 2007

The thing about thongs that everyone should know is that the wearing of them in public, like spandex, is a privilege, not a right.

This morning that privilege was violated, disturbing our Saturday morning breakfast and causing appetites to be lost on Whisper. Even Kit Kat stopped yowling for food.

Just your average retired cruiser...

Who also happens to wear a thong.

In other news, we're steadily ticking off jobs on the list of projects to complete before we leave for the States on Thursday. Yesterday we both went to the dentist for cleanings and washed and waxed Whisper's hull. Today Hans will complete some engine maintenance and Kristen will work on varnishing the exterior woodwork. That is if we can recover from this morning's thong sighting.

no more treats for the fat cat!

The infamous to-do list.


casey said...

hey k+H! whats the mailing address again I should send the wedding invite to? Could you email me? see you soon! KC

Amy said...

Blech... I was eating breakfast until the Thong sighting. I cannot wait to see you both next week.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Forget the thong - who woulda thunk to pole-mount a wind generator on a ketch in that way? We mounted our KISS on the mizzen mast, in the conventional fashion, but as a result it doesn't face aft for downwind sailing (ignoring the fact that we have a couple thousand miles of slogging upwind before we get to run downwind anyways). Once you get farther south you'll realize that clothing is pretty optional, so the thong is an improvement over some cruisers we saw, especially on foredecks with bars of soap during rainstorms.
We're still on track to head out at end of December, hope to catch you one day in the Caribbean.
Dave, SV Liberty

s/v Grayling said...

Super blog! Fortunately I haven't had breakfast yet, but maybe some sticky buns are in order!

My family and I are heading out from Maryland this week and hope to cross your path someday! You can contact us through the blog of the s/v Grayling!

Anonymous said...

Hej Hans. Vi ar ett par som bor pa St.Martin. Det vore mycket trevligt om du horde av dig nar du kommer forbi har. Min email adress ar p@rik.cc. Vi har en sydafrikans van har som har foljt er tripp so alskar Vegas och vill garna se er bat ocksa.