27 June 2007

In Luperon, sans pesos

June 27, 2007

The fiscal year for Whisper is drawing to a close and we find ourselves wishing we hadn’t spent this year’s budget on $8 beers and $15 hamburgers in the Bahamas. As a result, we have about $400 to last until August 8, when our fiscal year opens. But, have no fear! We’re up to the challenge! Each day we have about RD$300 to spend. Our daily expenditures begin with RD $140 ($4) for lunch for two at a local cafeteria. For that we get copious amounts of rice and beans, some chicken, pork or beef, salad and water. We couldn’t cook for the same price! We then have RD$160 to spend on internet, breakfast and dinner and two beers (luckily, the local colmado (corner store) is running a 2 for 1 special: 2 grandes for RD$60, roughly $2). On the days we need gas for the moto or the dinghy, we’ll forgo the beers and internet. So, we should be able to last until August 8, however, we’ll probably stay close to Luperon and save our tours of the country for the new fiscal year.

Whisper is fine with that plan, since we have a long list of projects to complete before the end of the summer. For those of you who are interested, in no particular order:

1. repair dodger supports
2. varnish woodwork
3. service winches
4. repair autopilot
5. fix transmission leak
6. restitch the jib
7. seal forward hatch
8. seal the cockpit sole
9. repair the stereo
10. rig the SSB to transmit
11. make a rain collection system
12. fix the compass light
13. connect autopilot to GPS
14. install anchor alarm
15. intall bug screens
16. paint interior

As you can see, we have lots of projects to keep us busy and improve life on Whisper. We’ve already taken down the sails and running rigging and washed them with soap and freshwater. We’ve also taken the dodger off to protect the windows and canvas from UV rays. The awning we have covers the entire boat so we have plenty of shade without the dodger.

We’re both almost fully recovered from the flu and are starting to spend more time off the boat. The beach is a 10 minute ride on the moto and we also enjoying hanging out at the central park, people-watching and enjoying the shade. Although the water in the harbour is too dirty for swimming, it is just a short dinghy ride to the ocean where we can take cool swims off the dinghy.

The countryside surrounding Luperon.

The local bakery.

The park.

La Casa de los jugos - great homemade juice and sandwiches.

The main intersection in downtown Luperon.

Luperon harbor.

Old style houses in Luperon.


The pack of friendly goats that roam the streets of Luperon. they were hanging out by the immigration and port authority building in this picture.

sunset in Luperon harbor.