09 November 2006

Still in Norfolk

November 9, 2006

We got the word from Mike the mechanic today, that the shaft is bent beyond repair and that we'll have to replace it. The story doesn't end there, however. Our old shaft was a metric one (25mm), which is an unusual diameter here in the States, so our options are to wait for a piece of (ridiculously expensive) 25mm stainless to be delivered to the machine shop, then have the shaft machined to fit our boat, or to replace the 25mm shaft with a 1 inch shaft (slightly thicker). So what's the big deal? Well, going with a less expensive one inch shaft would require us to replace the cutless bearing, which holds on to the shaft at the propeller end, as well as possibly replacing the flexible coupling between the transmission and the shaft (which holds the front end of the shaft). All in all, there isn't any one easy and inexpensive solution, which is usually the case on a boat project anyways, so no surprises really!
Whatever the case it looks like Whisper might not go back in the water until Monday. In the meantime we're busy with other little projects on the boat and Hans is finishing up the last of his wedding work.