07 April 2007

Norman’s Cay

April 7, 2007

We spent two nights and one day in Norman’s Cay, which gained notoriety back in the early 80’s when a large cocaine smuggling operation was based there. Today, the only evidence remaining are some abandoned buildings and a plane wreck in the middle of the anchorage.

The leftover's of Carlos Lehder's drug smuggling operation: a sunken plane and abandoned buildings.

While in Norman’s we met up with the crew of Moxie, whom we had run into previously at Allen’s Cay and in Nassau. Shawn, the owner of Moxie, has some friends visiting for two weeks. We’re all around the same age which was a fun break from hanging out with the retirees. Since Kristen is out of the water to wait for her toe to heal, Hans and Shawn went diving for dinner all day Saturday with help from Katherine. Kristen, Alex and Camilla sat on the beach and caught up on some reading, sudoko and good conversation. The hunters were successful and returned with three Nassau grouper, a real delicacy. We cooked them over a fire on the beach with rice, veggie curry and salad. Yum!

Hans checking out a waterfront cave.