18 December 2007

Watch out, we can see you on radar

December 18, 2007

Whisper got an early Christmas present: a radar! Thanks to a sailing buddy, Dave, we now have a radar on board to spot storms and ships, two of the more stressful aspects of night sailing. Hans was inspired and constructed a swinging bracket for the radar which mounts on the wind generator’s mast. It is constructed of a salvaged bimini frame (stainless tubing) that is bent to hold the radar. This is then bolted on to the mast for the wind generator and swings so when Whisper heels over the radar remains level with the horizon. Pretty slick! Total cost: $5.50 for the bolts; $10.00 for inspiration from beer. A typical, store-bought radar mount costs anywhere from $200 to $800. Way to go Hans!

Kristen meanwhile varnished all the exterior woodwork so Whisper looks shiny and new. we're leaving this evening for Culebra, about 60 nm to the east/northeast. We'll be traveling with Phoenix III and La Bete and there are plans for a fishing competition en route.

Salinas harbor.

Tough and sleek Whisper at anchor.

The new radar on it's swinging bracket.

Sunset at Salinas.

Dinner on Phoenix III (Gil, Gervais & Manoun)