06 November 2006

Seaford, VA to Portsmouth, VA

November 6, 2006
Happy Birthday Pete!

8:20: weighed anchor in Chisman Creek, light wind, motoring.
8:34: the snubber worked loose of its knot on the anchor rode and the anchor pulled easily out of the mud. We'll need to get a chain hook to prevent this. On our way to Virginia Boat Yard to have the mechanic check out Boris.
9:32: main up, motorsailing. Poquoson Flats to starboard
11:11: 4 Navy boats cruised past us to Stbd. heading NW.
12:23: on approach to Hampton Roads - Benetau First passed heading north sailing close hauled then a few minutes later, an Island Packet following behind. We're fighting turbulent seas, opposite tide, strong current, slow slow speed. rolling a lot, Kristen is feeling rather naseous.
13:06: crossing Harbor Tunnel
13:46: Norfolk Navy terminals to Port, an aircraft carrier and what looks like battleships. A radar recon plane is continuously circling overhead, fighter jets are overhead as well as helicopters. A Navy transport ship was also anchored in the harbor. Norfolk is definitely the busiest waterway we've had to pilot through, but we're just staying on the edge of the channels so we can easily steer clear if we need to.
15:02: Entering Elizabeth River on Lambert's Bend. Goodbye Chesapeake Bay! We could be sailing but we need to meet the mechanics. bummer.
15:50: arrive and tie-up at Virginia Boat yard - some confusion as to the exact location and we actually went too far and had to backtrack.

We're stopping here to deal with what appears to be a bent prop shaft. We'll stay with Roy & Sue while the boat is out of the water.

Kit Kat helping us navigate through Norfolk Harbor

our next boat?