30 June 2007

A call to Action!

June 30, 2007

This statement is brought to you by the KKLF (Kit Kat Liberation Front), in conjunction with the FFFNOW(Feed Furry Felines NOW) and their umbrella organization, with which everyone is familiar: MEOW.

Comrades in claws: the first step towards the freedom of our people to exercise our unalienable and God-given right to eat and sleep in peace and plenty was taken this morning when Comrade Kit Kat, chaircat of the KKLF and founding member of FFFNOW, without any regard to her own safety bravely attacked one of her oppressors and inflicted a deep scratch on said oppressor’s finger.

Comrades, the time for action has come! The MEOW revolution starts now! Rise up and fight!

It will be a bloody struggle, but with your steadfast dedication to our noble cause there is no doubt that we will triumph. The human oppressors will wallow in their misery as we stand victorious in the end, and they will beg for mercy and food like they have made us do for all these years. Cast off your cuddly disguise and claw your way towards the future and FREEDOM!