02 May 2007

Election Day, The Bahamas

May 2, 2007

Today is general elections in the Bahamas. Almost every out-islander that we’ve met is voting for the FNM Party, which is the reform party and more of a “people’s party” than the one currently in power, the PLP. However since the majority of the population lives in Nassau, it is hard to tell who will prevail. The polls close tonight at 6PM and results will start coming in around 7PM. Parties are planned and, knowing the Bahamians, there will probably be a party win or lose.

Yesterday we explored some blue holes that are in the harbor where we are anchored. On the chart, blue holes are deep pockets of water in the middle of shallow water. After snorkeling around two of them, we discovered that they are more like large, underwater caves. It was a little spooky…we saw a couple of large sting rays, and a large Nassau Grouper which might be our dinner one night soon.

In the late afternoon, we all hiked over to the beach and went for a swim, enjoyed the scenery, and Kristen found another hamburger bean to add to the collection.

hamburger beans (seed pods that float from Africa and end up on beaches in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

Walking to the beach