09 January 2007

Lantana, Florida

January 9, 2007

Some scenes from manicured Palm Beach. Lots of Palm trees, lots of big houses, lots of fancy cars.

We’ve been spending the last couple days in Palm Beach, Florida where we’ve met quite a few letters and packages in the mail. Snow Day joined us on Saturday, however we were kicked out by the Palm Beach Police yesterday afternoon for anchoring in a “unmarked, secondary channel, not on all charts but, nonetheless, still a channel where anchoring is prohibited.” (read: bogus). Well, the riff-raff was kicked out of Palm Beach and we’ve relocated to Lantana, which has a great tiki bar and a key lime pie which was written up in the January 2007 issue of Bon Apetit magazine. It was delicious. Not too rich, not too sweet, perfect. We’ll arrive in Fort Lauderdale tomorrow afternoon where we’ll do final outfitting and work on all those pesky projects. On Monday we’ll rent a car to go back up to Palm Beach to get our final mail and also run around town to the grocery store and various marine chandleries.

drum roll...everyone make their appointments at Salon Ericsson. After 2+ months of dealing with tangled, knotty hair, Kristen was very brave and let Hans cut off a good 4 inches. It came out fairly well, just a little uneven in places.

Last night we invited Matthew and Abbie over for hot dogs and a sleep-over. We pigged out on hot-dogs and nachos and then played a game of pictionary. Around 10PM we were all worn out so we turned out the lights and went to bed. Both Abbie and Kristen woke up once in the night to the sound of sirens, but besides that, everyone slept well. Breakfast by Hans was stellar: hot chocolate, toast with Nutella and pop-tarts. He wanted to make sure everyone got their USDA recommended daily allowance of sugar!

The sleep-over funnies:

Matthew & Abbie jammed their faces in the mainsheet block & tackle to look scary.

The sleepy crew trying to wake up in the morning. Here's an idea: sugar will help!