04 December 2006

Charleston, South Carolina

December 3-4, 2006

We woke up on Sunday morning (yes, still in the same place with no anchor dragging), to drizzle, fog and overall unpleasant weather. We spent the morning cleaning Whisper and trying to reorganize some of the contents of her lockers to distribute the weight more evenly.
Cleaning out the cockpit lockers

We went ashore around 1:30 and met Don and Deedie Rose, Whisper’s previous owners. They took us to “Fleet Landing,” a restaurant located in an old Navy headquarters. We talked about Whisper, sailing, Charleston, etc. They are a fun couple and it was great to meet some of Whisper’s old friends.
We were invited to an impromptu dinner on Zen with Michele & Monique from Quebec and we had a lively discussion about the American Dream, politics, sailing (of course), and other such topics. They have college-aged kids in Canada so are taking a short 8-month cruise to Belize & Mexico while the kids are in college for the year.

We spent Monday touring around Charleston, which is a really beautiful city. Lots of grand houses with multiple level porches, Spanish moss, and a slow-paced easy way of life.
Kite shop in Charleston where Kristen's sister, Angela. bought a kite on a family vacation to Charleston almost 17 years ago.

Many of the streets in the historic distric have their names imprinted in the sidewalks.

After an hour city bus ride to the main post office, along with an exercise in customer service (or lack thereof), we were picked up by Cedric, a fellow Vega owner who lives on his Vega in Charleston with his wife, Melissa. After talking with Cedric about Vega improvements and renovations, it appears that there are people who have done more work on their Vega than we have! We went to a great Mexican restaurant and talked all things sailing and Vega-related, then went for a quick dinghy ride over to Whisper so they could check out what we’ve done. They’ll be off to the Caribbean in 2 years time—maybe we’ll meet up in Trinidad!
Cedric & Melissa