08 June 2007

Our last deserted island…

June 8, 2007

It’s about 30 miles from Ambergris Cay to Big Sand Cay, and after Thursday’s motoring mayhem, we were determined to sail the entire way. We left at 8 AM and spent the next 2 hours sailing around large patches of Elkhorn coral and other coral heads; spots which are surely beautiful for snorkeling, however nothing we wanted to bring Whisper close to. The Caicos Banks were much more challenging and uncharted than we had expected and the frequent shallow coral heads we needed to avoid kept us very tense. After the white-knuckle sailing, we were finally in deep water and we pointed Whisper as close to Big Sand Cay as possible. We sailed for 8 hours, and made a few tacks to arrive at one of the most gorgeous islands we’ve visited.

As soon as we dropped the hook, we jumped in the crystal clear water; clearer than any water we’ve swum in…perhaps even clearer than a swimming pool. The visibility was easily 70 feet. We celebrated with a dinner of spaghetti Bolognese and some red wine.

An osprey keeping lookout on the light.

Images from Big Sand Cay.

large bushes with these white flowers covered the island and the air smelled like flowers.

sea beans found on the beach at Big Sand Cay.