03 June 2007

Salina Point to Provo!

June 3, 2007

0619: received offshore report which shows 15-20 S/SW. Perfect! Let’s go to Provo!
1041: Little wind, motorsailing using the windvane but it’s hard to keep a straight course.
1547: motorsailing . . . not what we had in mind, but at least we’re beating to windward with large seas. The sea is getting flatter and flatter as the day goes on. Hans got the autopilot to work.
1708: it’s getting glassy out!
1850: the sun is going down so it’s cooling down. Nice relief. Kit Kat came out of the clothes locker. One more hour of daylight then 2 hrs. before moonrise.
1927: tern flew overhead.
2006: just had sunset
2115: Boris acting a little funny
2154: bled air from injectors
2300: Boris seems okay again.
0110: some trouble with air in the fuel lines. Hans bled them twice, they hiccupped a few times but all seems ok now. RPM at 2800. Hans sleeping. Kristen on watch. No other boats – just flat seas and a bright moon.
0517: sun starting to rise.
0830: Yippeee! We arrived in Provo! 26 hrs.

The trip was really easy since we motored the whole way over flat seas. Boris used around 12 gallons of diesel. Still, it felt like a pretty long trip for both of us. Voyagers often say that it takes a couple days to get into the rhythm of being at sea for days on end, however, neither of us could see the romance in long periods of sea feeling dirty, wet, salty, hungry then not hungry then hungry again, and dreaming of the anchor down and a tiki bar with a/c. It takes a certain kind of person to make long distance voyages in small boats, and while Whisper is definitely ready and capable to go anywhere, her crew is currently happier island hopping.