13 January 2007

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I'm sitting at Southport Raw Bar in Ft. Laurderdale. I finally got fed up trying to get wifi on the boat and took it to the bar. We're on the outskirts of Ft. Lauderdale, about a 10 minute dinghy ride to this bar which has a dinghy dock and is also close to a grocery store and marine stores. On Tuesday we'll rent a car to drive up to Palm Beach to get the last of our mail and to make some final food provisioning runs. Snow Day is leaving to head further south tomorrow morning so we'll part ways until we meet again somewhere in the Bahamas. Until we get our weather window, we'll be messing around on the boat, working on odd projects and twiddling our fingers until the wind blows gently from the south.
Keep checking the blog and soon the pictures will be of coral heads showing through aquamarine waters (if you want those pictures now, check out Voila's blog! Maybe, just maybe, we'll meet them in the Abacos!).