10 November 2006

odd jobs

November 10, 2006

Anyone need a boat engine?

An old Coast Guard ship. Our mechanic, Mike, designed this when he was an engineer in the Coast Guard for 28 years.

Whisper being put up on blocks in the Travelift

Hans working on some touch-up paint jobs.

Hey! who graffitied on Whisper's hull?

We'll be on the hard here in Norfolk (Portsmouth) until at least Monday afternoon, so we're trying to take care of some odd jobs on Whisper. Some touch-up paint jobs, raising the waterline, reorganizing storage space down below, etc. The weather is beautiful, sunny & warm, so it's hard not to be in a good mood even though our stay in Norfolk is longer than anticipated.
Meanwhile Kristen is becoming a real southern gal: "We don't have no rush" she exclaimed recently...