03 March 2008

Pictures from Saba

March 3, 2008

We had a great time last Saturday and Sunday exploring Saba. The island is small and spectacular. It's too bad there is no good harbour for boats though. It was pretty rough and rolly, only bearable for two nights!

Arriving in Saba.

Are we ready for this hike?

Hans checking out the view from the summit.

We saw lots of birds of paradise growing alongside the trail.

Windwardside, the more touristy of the two villages with cafes and bars.

Kristen at the peak of Mt. Scenery, the summit of Saba.

back in the day, Sabans carved steps to reach the summit. It was easier than walking along the muddy path...just hard to imagine building the 1700 foot staircase.

Kristen checking out the mossy wall.

Hiking down.

The view of the anchorage from the top. Those small white spots next to land are sailboats, including Whisper, furthest to the right!

The road leading to the harbour, lots of switchbacks.

The other village, "The Bottom" as seen from the summit.

Reflections, an Island Packet sailing to Saba from Statia.

In the Leewards!

March 3, 2008

We made it!

It was a hard slog to windward from Virgin Gorda, but we made it to Saba. We left with a forecast of ENE winds around 15 knots, with 4-6 foot seas but ended up with 25+ knots with 6-10 foot seas. It was pretty wet and bumpy! For the first time, we sailed with three reefs in the main. We completed the 80 mile passage in 25 hours time with a couple of tacks to get back onto our rhumbline. In all we probably sailed more like 110 miles.

We were tired when we got to Saba, but it was worth it. The island is spectacular, with precipitous mountains and hills, picturesque villages and friendly people. We hiked up to the top of the island (about 3000 feet above sea level and a 1700 vertical feet hike from the village). When we get a better internet connection we'll post some pictures.

We're in Statia (St. Eustatius) now, and aim to be in Antigua on Friday. The winds are forecast to be ENE around 20 knots so we should have an envigorating time getting there.

More later....