01 February 2007


We've finally gotten the video "Sailing on Whisper" to work properly on the blog. Hopefully everyone can see it!


Snorkeling at Green Turtle Cay

February 1, 2007

We've met our sister ship, Voila! We've been following Allen & Felicity on Voila for the past year as they've traveled down the ICW on their Albin Vega and we've been keeping track of their adventures in the Abacos this winter, so it was with great excitement that we saw them pull into the harbor at Green Turtle Cay the other day. We've been spending quite a bit of time comparing boats and poking around on each other’s boats to see what is done differently and to get ideas. We’ve also been treated to Felicity’s great cooking; chili & cornbread last night topped off by cheesecake with blackberries. Unfortunately they are heading back to Florida soon as their season is ending, but they’ll be back in the Exumas next year.

Yesterday, Kristen, Hans and Allen went to the Atlantic side of the cay to do a little snorkeling. Allen and Hans brought along their spears in hopes of some fresh fish or lobster for dinner but they had no luck.

The beach at Green Turtle Cay. We swam a couple hundred yards to get to the reef.

Hans & Allen on the hunt.

One little fish swimming in the reef.