02 April 2007

Lynyard Cay, the Abacos to Nassau, New Providence

April 2, 2007

After rubbing the sleep out of our eyes, we weighed anchor from Lynyard Cay and proceeded out the cut into the Northeast Providence Channel. Most boats sail via Eleuthera to the Exumas, which was our initial plan, however the southeast winds, paired with Snowday’s story of hitting a coral head between the Exumas and Eleuthera, encouraged us to change our minds and sail for Nassau. The trip was approximately 80 miles and took us 16.5 hours. We were able to sail for the first 2/3 of the trip, however the wind slowly died towards the end and we turned on our trusty engine, Boris, to power us the last 20 miles to Nassau. It was a beautiful day for a sail on the open water and we passed the time by reading, fishing (no luck) and tinkering with the sails and the windvane steering system. Kristen did not get sick so it has renewed her spirit for long passages. Kit kat was a real ship’s cat and spent time sitting in our laps in the cockpit and sleeping down below. All in all, Whisper had a happy crew.

The entrance into Nassau harbor was a little tricky since it was dark out and difficult to distinguish the navigational beacons from lights on land. We both focused our eyes on the channel and the GPS and made it in without a hitch. We anchored near the BASRA (Bahamas Air and Sea Rescue Assoc.) like Snowday recommended and both fell asleep within minutes.

Hans eating dinner: vegetable curry.

onward to Nassau!

the sun goes down...

and the moon comes up.