05 September 2007

ice cream and varnish

September 5, 2007

In case anyone was concerned that we have too much idle time on our hands, have no fear. As soon as we returned from our trip to Samana, we started the massive project of painting and varnishing the interior of Whisper. We've wanted to do this for a long time, but there was always a more pressing job to do. Needless to say, this will really spruce up the interior. In the meantime, we've moved onto Michael and Renee's catamaran "Jacumba." It will keep our lungs clean from the fumes and will keep Kit Kat's fur out of the wet varnish. Yes, Kit Kat has moved onto Jacumba too. She is not being a model guest, far from it. Shaka is the resident cat on Jacumba and is not bothered by Kit Kat. He basically ignores her. Kit Kat on the other hand, takes every opportunity to hiss and growl at Shaka. Maybe she's a little insecure?!

Mike working hard to make some ice cream.

Kristen serving the final result: vanilla ice cream served with a passionfruit sauce. Living on Jacumba encourages good eating: last night for dinner Kristen made her favorite, spinach lasagne, and Hans concoted the delicious passionfruit sauce. Tonight Michael is promising a egg and potato dish with chocolate mousse for dessert. Yum!

A sneak peek of what the finished product will look like.