22 April 2007

George Town

April 22, 2007

The beach at one of our anchorages in George Town.

We’ve been spending the past few days in George Town with Roger & Karin, Hans’ parents, who are visiting from Sweden. We are all pleasantly surprised with George Town. Hundreds of cruising boats descend upon the town and Elizabeth Harbour every winter and take up residence. There are planned activities such as backgammon, bridge, volleyball, beach walks, church services, etc. etc., however it is easy to keep a distance from this community and enjoy the town, the beaches and the snorkeling which are all close by.

Our time here has been divided between hanging out at the beach, reading, eating, snorkeling, eating (yummy lemon chicken Sofia!), sailing, cold beers and wine and good food both in restaurants and aboard Whisper. Life has been pretty difficult for the crew these days. Even Kit Kat has received increased rations including some bits of bacon and parmesan cheese.

Roger at the helm.

Hey crew! start swabbing the decks you scurvious dogs.

Overlooking Elizabeth Harbour in George Town from the monument.
The monument on Stocking Island in George Town.

Hiking down from the monument.


and time for some pina coladas.

Food vendors setting up their stalls for the Family Island Regatta.

The Ericssons looking cool.